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New Nikon D4 Footage

We’ve  been impressed with what we’ve seen so far! Wonderful colors and very crisp footage. Sure, some post production was done, but overall, we’re extremely excited to see that the Nikon D4 is living up to it’s hefty price tag of $6000.00


Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Wide Open Tees Shirt

We’re proud to announce that for the month of October, we’re offering a limited-edition Wide Open Tees Breast Cancer Awareness shirt! Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go directly towards Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Why not grab this sweet aperture shirt and know that you’re lending a hand at the same time? Check out the shirt below! And for those who want to do a little more: Find a Race Near You!


Wow! Since Wide Open Tees went live in March, we’ve been bombarded with support from people all around the globe. We know that there are lots of posts about how much we love our customers, supporters, and fans, but we truly appreciate it! So here’s to you! 25% off your entire order. No minimum! Thank you so much. You guys and gals rock our socks! 🙂

Wide Open Tees Supporters Are the Best!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Wide Open Tees fans, supporters, and customers are the absolute best! Recently, Jake put together a Steadicam review with Learning-DSLR guru Dave Dugdale. Jake took the time to sport a Wide Open Tees Photography shirt in the very informative review below. Check it out!

We love supporting photographers who help others become better photographers. That’s what Wide Open Tees was built on! So take the time to check out Jake’s wonderful portfolio here!

Wide Open Tees doesn’t discriminate when it comes to amateurs or pros. Many thanks to Jake and Dave for providing kind and helpful information for all levels of photographers. Keep up the amazing work guys!