Wide Open Tees Photography Shirts Photo Contest #8: WEATHER

Our 8th contest has crowned a winner! Congratulations to Kevan for this wonderfully timed photo! Beautiful work, Kevan!

About the Photographer and Photograph:

This was all about being at a dry place, at a wet time. We all know..too often it’s fool’s luck who plays with the success of our image. This is the Tappan Zee bridge that spans the Hudson river in NY, about 40 miles north of Manhattan. I don’t recall why I was at that particular location, I live no where near it, but I can tell you the river frequently tosses a photographer an excellent photo opportunity bone.

This image was taken using my little Canon G9. Speaking of fool’s luck, thank God small sensors have open DOF, as my camera settings were really off. No, I ain’t tellin’! LOL!

All the best,

Really amazing photography Kevan! It looks like a beautiful location. Our staff loved the pinpoint moment you were able to catch! Congrats Kevan, and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!


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