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Wide Open Tees Facebook Photo Contest #6 Winner: Tis The Season

Alex Krohn is the winner of our most recent photo contest: Tis The Season! Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!

About the Photography and Photographer:

The shot is a silhouette of the North Carolina skyline, It was taken with a Canon 50D+70-200 2.8 IS f/3.5 1/60th in Bahama, NC I enjoy photographing anything and everything, check out!

Beautiful colors, gorgeous contrast, and wonderful depiction of a cool autumn/winter evening. We love everything about it. We hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees, Alex!

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Wide Open Tees Photography Shirts Photo Contest #7: HOLIDAYS

Our 8th contest has crowned a winner! Congratulations to Shorty for this beautifully holiday photo!

About the Photographer and Photograph:

Canon 40D, Sigma 17-50 2.8 hsm os @21mm, iso400, f2.8, 1/20 sec, 3 shot pano

A mate and his wife dropped in and said they were going to go see the houses around Canberra lit up for Xmas and wanted to know if i wanted to grab my camera and join them,10 seconds later we were on our way.There were some great displays but when we got to Kambah it was the stand out,so i started snapping staight away.As we were leaving the owner of the house started to chat to me about my camera and explained that the local paper was there the previous day taking photos and he had asked if he could have some copies for his website but they said no.So he asked if i could give him some of mine (he raises money for a childrens charity with his display so i had to say yes),after getting home and looking at my photos i thought i could do better so i went out the next night and took quite a lot of photos including some shots to merge to panos and gave them to him the next day.Looks like kahma works as now i have won this comp:)

What a wonderful photo, Shorty. We love the contrast and the story behind it. The panorama makes it absolutely perfect. We love how your eye wanders to every pixel in the photo. Congrats, and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!

New Nikon D4 Footage

We’ve  been impressed with what we’ve seen so far! Wonderful colors and very crisp footage. Sure, some post production was done, but overall, we’re extremely excited to see that the Nikon D4 is living up to it’s hefty price tag of $6000.00