Wide Open Tees Photography Shirts Photo Contest #7: ABSTRACT

Our 7th contest has crowned a winner! Congratulations to Chris for this beautiful photo!

About the Photographer and Photograph:

Photographer: Chris Arnet
Gear: Canon 60D, Rokinon 8mm. Handheld @ 1/400th, f/9, ISO 100

I took this image November 24th during an outing to the aquarium. This is the new (almost complete) landmark Trinity bridge in Dallas, Tx. I wasn’t happy with the images I got from the ground, so I climbed up the construction work to get on top. This set of images is priceless to me, because I was able to photograph the beautiful architecture of this bridge at it’s completion before it was open to the public, so I was able to shoot with no restrictions, and no vehicles in the images. I came away with photographs of a landmark nobody again will be able to capture now that the bridge is opened, and it was a great self reminder to think outside of the box. Sometimes a little risk can lead to a lot of reward.

You can see more of Chris’ work here: www.flickr.com/orangeimaging or like his Facebook at www.facebook.com/orangeimaging! Tons of spectacular photos there!

Wow, Chris! Photographers don’t get enough credit sometimes when it comes to great photographs. Lots of people see a picture and assume “good camera.” Your scenario helps others see how much work photographers go though to get that perfect photograph…and what a perfect photograph this is! Congrats Chris, and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!


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