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Wide Open Tees Photography Shirts Photo Contest #7: ABSTRACT

Our 7th contest has crowned a winner! Congratulations to Chris for this beautiful photo!

About the Photographer and Photograph:

Photographer: Chris Arnet
Gear: Canon 60D, Rokinon 8mm. Handheld @ 1/400th, f/9, ISO 100

I took this image November 24th during an outing to the aquarium. This is the new (almost complete) landmark Trinity bridge in Dallas, Tx. I wasn’t happy with the images I got from the ground, so I climbed up the construction work to get on top. This set of images is priceless to me, because I was able to photograph the beautiful architecture of this bridge at it’s completion before it was open to the public, so I was able to shoot with no restrictions, and no vehicles in the images. I came away with photographs of a landmark nobody again will be able to capture now that the bridge is opened, and it was a great self reminder to think outside of the box. Sometimes a little risk can lead to a lot of reward.

You can see more of Chris’ work here: or like his Facebook at! Tons of spectacular photos there!

Wow, Chris! Photographers don’t get enough credit sometimes when it comes to great photographs. Lots of people see a picture and assume “good camera.” Your scenario helps others see how much work photographers go though to get that perfect photograph…and what a perfect photograph this is! Congrats Chris, and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!


Wide Open Tees Facebook Photo Contest #5 Winner: LUSCIOUS LIGHTING

Brian Davidson takes home the prize for our most recent photo contest: LUSCIOUS LIGHT! Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!

About the Photography and Photographer:

The photo was taken with the Canon 1d mkIV and the Canon 15mm f/2.8 Lens. The settings were at F/22, a 25second exposure and ISO 200.

The photo was taken during the Independence, Mo Santa-Cali-Gon days. The festival is held each year on the Independence square to celebrate the Santa Fe, The California, and the Oregon Trails. All three of the trails started on the Independence square and If you have ever played the Oregon Trail video game, you would have started the in Independence. This was my first try at doing a time lapse and after a few test shots, I nailed this one.

You can visit Brian’s portfolios here for more great photos:

If this photograph doesn’t reflect luscious light, we don’t know what does! Beautiful, free-flowing, and absolutely well composed. What a great shot, Brian! Congrats!

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