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Wide Open Tees Photography Shirts Photo Contest #6: THINGS WITH ENGINES

Our 6th photo contest on POTN forums has ended! Congratulations to Jason for this great photo!

About the Photographer and Photograph:

(exif: Olympus E-P1 w/ Panasonic 20mm f/1.7, 1/60th sec, f/2, iso 100).
Upon arriving at work, an interesting piece of equipment with tracks was parked in the employee parking lot. It’s purpose and function, I had no clue. However, this machine was well-worn and looked fantastic, and I am one who will not let a photographic opportunity pass. Early morning overcast made for perfect light, and I got several really good shots–this one included. This is why I always carry a camera with me; because you never know what “pictures” life will present to you…

Such great texture and we love the detail. Usually, photographs can cover so much on the wide-side, that it builds a story. This is the exact same but in reverse. The composition is great and still provides that same sense of wonder and story. Congrats Jason, and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!


Wide Open Tees Facebook Photo Contest #4 Winner: SIMPLICITY

Martijn Hendriksen is our latest Wide Open Tees Facebook Photo Contest winner! Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!

About the Photography and Photographer:

On a cold and misty morning I woke up and found the atmosphere outside great for some photography and so went out. As it had been below zero for some days the pools in the riverbed were frozen, that made for a great mirror. These few canes reflected nicely with the serenity of being out in the cold and mist all alone. At home I processed the image to give it a cool feel and that’s it.

You can visit Martijn’s portfolios here for more great photos: –

Our staff loved the simplicity and overall feel of this photo, Martijn! The composition and crop is perfect. Not to forget the lovely reflection!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Wide Open Tees Shirt

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