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Tons of New Wide Open Tees Photography Shirts Available NOW!

Thank you for all of the suggestions via Facebook, email, and forums. It’s a pleasure designing great shirts for all shooters out there. Lots of suggestions were along the lines of: “I love shooting at f/#. Can you make an f/# aperture shirt!” So due to popular demand, Wide Open Tees now carries f-stop shirts! Whether you shoot wide open for bokehlicious photos, or shoot at f/16 for that perfect landscape, you’ll be able to find your specific aperture shirt now at Wide Open Tees!


Wide Open Tees Facebook Photo Contest #3 Winner: SPEED

Melissa is our latest Wide Open Tees Facebook Photo Contest winner! Congratulations and we hope you enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees!

About the Photography and Photographer:

(Exif: 111mm – f/3,5 – ISO 125 –  1/1000). This photo was taken at a photoshoot for a small horse magazine. The woman whose riding the horse has been national champion a few times. Watching this horse take very sharp turns at such a high speed was amazing to watch. Taking the photo at the right moment was difficult. She only did 3 or 4 runs, and it all goes so fast, so you need fast fingers and fast eyes!

You can visit Melissa’s portfolios here for more wonderful photos: –

What a wonderful depiction of speed, Melissa! The movement of the dirt is spectacular! Keep up the great work.

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Wide Open Tees Photography Shirts Photo Contest #5: URBAN EXPLORATION

Our 5th photo contest on POTN forums has ended! Ed is our winner with his amazing submission below:

About the Photographer and Photograph:

Canon 50D, Sigma 18-200mm OS, 1/100 ex, f/8, ISO800. Shot on a rainy day, and the rain added a cool effect to the shot I think. Processed as a single-shot “pseudo-HDR” with Paint Shop Pro X2. Basically a group of photo friends got together and went to Gary Indiana to shoot the popular Gary Methodist Church, and then went to this abandoned train station. The police came and asked us to leave, so on the way out I looked back and thought it’d be a cool shot.

Mood plays a huge part in photography and Ed captured the mood very well in this photo! Really great shot! Especially love the movement of the rain to add that final touch. Congrats and enjoy your photography shirt from Wide Open Tees, Ed!

If you’d like to know more about the photo or the photographer, check out his other great work at any of the sites here: Flickr | FB | 500px | Razzi