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So we sold out of a couple of shirts already and will introduce the two shirts below to our line soon! Many thanks to the very talented Dave Dugdale of Learning DSLR Video for the idea of the shirts. Like we said from the beginning, we’re not out to make a quick buck. We love connecting with photographers and the photography community. Fortunately enough, we were lucky enough to chat a bit with Dave. If you don’t know who he is, you should! He creates amazing tutorials and teaches all types of photographers about DSLRs, lenses, bodies, filming, post production, and so much more! Even our in-staff photographers have learned a thing or two (or 17) about becoming a better photographer through Dave. Here are a couple of quotes floating around the office about him and his channel:

“He’s down to earth. Not everyone can afford a 70-200mm IS, so that review won’t do me any good. He puts together great stuff that helps all types of shooters and most importantly, they’re realistic for the average shooter!”

“When I started watching him, it felt like I was learning how to use a DSLR with him. Made me feel much more comfortable than other pros bragging about how expensive their cameras are.”

“I’ve been in photography for almost 10 years now. I still get little tidbits from his videos that help me shoot better. Can’t beat his tutorials. He seems like a genuine guy from his videos.”

We have all types of photographers working in our office, from beginners to lomographers to pros. All of whom have benefited from his tutorials and reviews. Check out his sites below! We’ll be releasing the two new shirts in the next blog post! Check back soon!

Dave’s YouTube Channel

Dave’s Main Website – Learning DSLR Video


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