Monthly Archives: March 2011

Wide Open Tees – Photography Shirts and Photography Clothing

Everyone here at Wide Open Tees is excited to start this journey! Wide Open Tees specializes in high quality photography shirts and photography clothing. We’re made up of a team of photographers, artists, and graphic designers that want to give the photography community their own go-to shirts. No more cheap Zazzle and CafePress shirts that melt off of you after the first wash.

It started with just a couple of us freelancing in Austin, Texas. Somehow the subject of clothing came up and led to the discussion, “I’d love to have some photography shirts that weren’t stupid tacky.” Let’s face it, everything you’ve seen on CafePress does not represent the photography community well at all.

So here we are. After months of looking for the best quality shirts, color selection, and printing processes, we’ve finally opened. We have one goal: Provide photographers (amateurs to pros) with high quality apparel and the highest quality service.

Give us a try. You’ll be surprised at how much we care.